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Happy New Year!! I don't know about you, but the beginning of anything new, whether it's a new year, a new job, a new family member, tends to make me step back and examine my path moving forward. I for one, love to set goals for the new year, so I wanted to re-share this goal chart to help you in this process along with me. My biggest goal for the year is to have a clean, decluttered house that doesn't cause panic whenever people come over. Given that somewhat vague goals, such as that one, have proven difficult for me in the past, I do have a plan! I have mapped out a monthly schedule of rooms/areas to declutter and organize one at a time. January is my desk and work area at home!

My second main goal is to set and actually follow my meal plans for the week. The setting part is easy, but I tend to get lazy after the first few days. In August of 2012 my husband and I bought this great little hamburger joint down the street from our Baskin Robbins, so it is a little too easy to just pick up dinner there when I don't feel like cooking. And while we do have healthy options (grilled chicken, veggie burgers), it can still take it's toll. I'm working on getting some fruit cups on the menu!

So, throughout the year, I'll be sharing my adventures in house and meal planning organization. Who wants to come along? Did I mention that my four year-old twins can make messes 5 times faster than I can clean? They're getting a chore list!

Click here to download your goal chart. This is for your personal use only. Feel free to share it on your blog, facebook, twitter, but please link back here to LobotoME.com. What's your biggest goal for the new year?

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