A Late Valentine's Tale

A belated Valentine’s greeting to you all! I hope that you all had a great day with the exact amount of candy and flowers that you desired. This Valentine’s Day was a first for me, in a sense. My twins are four now, and they simply view this as a candy holiday. My daughter has actually been talking about getting Valentine’s candy since last Halloween. Apparently Halloween is more of a costume holiday? But back to my first: this was our first Valentine’s Day where one of my children has a crush. And not just any crush. A teacher crush.

Oddly enough, it’s not even one of their teachers. I suppose I should say his teachers, since it is my son who has the crush. See, they currently attend a small private school with two Pre-K classes, and one class for each grade from Kindergarten through 8th grade. A few weeks ago, they had “Step Up Day” where each class visited the next grade up to see what it will be like next year. That is where my son met the Kindergarten teacher, aka his new love.

I only found out early last week when my daughter announced that she painted me a picture in art class. I asked my son if he painted me one and he said "No, I painted one for Miss Peterson." I asked if that was his art teacher (I’m horrible with names, but I didn’t recognize this one at all). He said that it was the Kindergarten teacher, and that he loved her, and that he loved her for Valentine’s Day. Did I mention he is FOUR?

So last Thursday, I did what I never thought I would. I gave my son a Valentine we made for his teacher crush and encouraged him to give it to her. He was so nervous; it was the cutest thing ever! I figure at this age it’s harmless. It also helps that we’re moving to public school next year, so he won’t be in her class. Of course, that will also break his little four year-old heart. 

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