End of the Year To Do List

Hello out there!! I've been gone for too long, I know. So much going on and I can't wait to share everything with you as it unfolds. For now, I think it's time to get ready for the New Year, don't you? I'm not talking about resolutions, but those ugly little things you have to do to before 2012 escapes us for good. Not all are must-dos, but all are good ideas to either accomplish or plan for. So, get out your favorite notepad (you can find mine here) and let's get started on that to do list!

1) Use up your FSA

FSAs are great ways to decrease your taxable income, but don't get caught with an unspent balance! Now, some FSA will allow you to spend into the new year, but you still need to plan! Check your plan and make sure you don't leave a balance out there. Here are some ideas on how to use those FSA dollars.

2) Get to Goodwill

Another way to decrease your 2012 taxes is charitable donations. Have a favorite charity you've been meaning to donate to? Get online and contribute before the end of the year. Too much in your closet? Clean it out and get to Goodwill (or your charity of choice). Just remember to get a receipt! To maximize your donation credit, it's helpful to take a picture of what you donate and itemize the worth. Here's a helpful guide on valuing your donation. And now that the kids have all those new Christmas toys, it's time to cycle out the old ones, right? That's what we're doing today!

3) Put away the Christmas decorations

Okay, so we may not get this all done before January 1, but it's a good goal. No one wants to be the neighbor with lights still up on Valentine's Day. And what better way to start the new year than with a nice, decluttered house?

4) Start a new tradition

Get together as a family and start a new tradition. I love this idea of a thankful jar that you can open at the end of the year. Or write out goals for the new year. Or start a journal. Or start a family game night. Do what works for you!

What are your must-dos for the end of the year?

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