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As a new runner (for the second or third time), I love this post about learning to love running. I actually look forward to my Couch to 5K runs... sometimes!

Love these rules.

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, I might have to splurge and try this. Also, this is a great article about how Cinco de Mayo is more celebrated here than in Mexico. My wedding anniversary is actually on Mexico's independence day. My husband loves to say it's the day Mexico got its independence and the day he lost his! I then remind him that his independence was way gone by that time. :)

Tonight for dinner I think I'll make these. Something I actually have all the ingredients for? And that my kids will love? Perfect for a Friday.

For now, I must go. Gymnastics is almost over and next we're heading out to buy the twins their first real bicycles!! Bye bye trikes!

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