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Sometimes it feels like time is just flying by me and I have so little to show for it! I am pretty excited about the slow progress that is happening in my house. Together my husband and I cleaned out a huge chunk of our laundry room and pantry (picture above). I know it's nothing fancy, but I really love it and it's so much better than before. I still want to add chalkboard labels to the baskets, but I'm celebrating even this accomplishment.

I'm also beginning the planning of my twins' fourth birthday party. It's almost three months away, but their birthday is the day after my daughter's first ballet recital. At first I thought it was exciting, but then I realized, what a mess! It looks like we'll do the big "kid party" a week earlier at either their gymnastics gym or one of those indoor-jumper-castle-party-room places. That's where we'll invite classmates and soccer teammates. Then we'll do a smaller home party for the family around recital time. I'm thinking something along these lines, but toned down a bit.

All that being said, I'm loving this post on energy. I need more!

But I did take the time out to make these on Monday morning. With the twins starting Pre-K 4 in the fall, I figure I won't have much more time for Monday pancakes!

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