{kitchens and menu plan}

My current obsession is organizing my kitchen. It's either because I saw this post, or because I really don't feel like packing for our trip to Disney. I am the worst packer ever. Thank goodness for my Pack ME!!

But back to my kitchen. I attempting something like this, but with dark brown baskets. I know that we're not using our pantry space in an optimal way, and things get lost as a result. This could easily be a year-long project! Luckily there's pinterest and its never-ending ideas!

On my menu (when we get back):

I actually started to try this, but burned the last of our quinoa. Sunday mornings are too distracting in this house!

I'm late to the Pioneer Woman party, but saw her make this on her Food Network show. I'm obsessed.

And this, because I really love quinoa. It must be the Peruvian in me.

And this, because I also really love avocados. Did I mention I'm half Peruvian?

I'm also overwhelmed with the amount of ground deer meat in my freezer and desperately need suggestions. I can only make so many meatloafs (although, this is our current favorite).

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