{ on my mind }

1. Love her style + home.
2. Great post about meal planning using our Feed ME weekly meal planner.
3. Starting this wellness plan on Wednesday.
4. A great post about being unplugged. Contemplating taking the summer off from blogging, twitter & facebook. I'm quite certain the world, my social life & my business would survive it just fine. ;-)
5. Continually inspired by her.
6. I love Kickstart and this project by a friend.
7. Great post about minimalist finances.
8. Yummy kale chips.
9. The sweetest baby shower.
10. And this post...“Live simply, so that others may simply live.” -Mother Teresa


Anonymous said...

so - are you going to eat Paleo? I think I would starve. I've tried and can never get full. And, besides that - food stays on the brain all day long. I hope you blog about your experience with it.

love these posts :)

Jenn said...

Thanks Jenny!!! I'm always lifted up looking at your blog!!! You are amazing!! :)

lovely lindsay said...

ah! thanks jenny! so happy that you still visit my little bloggy space. love, lindsay

angela rae said...

love to check in on your thoughts and ideas...and I'm excited to wear my LobotoME jersey again this weekend.

also...thanks for the mention of my book project on kickstarter.com!