{ the spending diet...weeks 11 + 12 }

I bought this skirt (on sale). I call it my church skirt. But it is also coming to the beach with me. I needed a slightly longer skirt to wear to church when we go, um, like once a month. (Hey, don't judge, that's way more often than we used to go! When you get ovarian cancer at age 23 you develop a complicated relationship with God). :)

And I bought this bag (in black) for a carry-on for several upcoming trips and the pool trips this summer. I think it will carry my stuff + all of the kids stuff just fine.

We've had a lot of little misc. spending this month - some stuff for the garden; end of the year teacher appreciation gifts; more money on food due to lots of company in town and end of the school year functions; etc. So I'm going to try to be really mindful in June & July. But I'm going to be within a 10-mile radius of a Lululemon and Anthropologie next week. So may the force (or will power) be with me.

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love it all.