{ mountain pose }

Mountain Pose happens to be how I start almost all of my at home asana practices (and in the interest of keeping it REAL people, this is what my home practice usually looks like - above). Mountain Pose also happens to be the name of an a.m.a.z.i.n.g NEW yoga + wellness festival happening the second weekend in July at Copper Mountain in Summit County, Colorado. Friends...who wants to meet me there? I'm heading in on Friday mid-day to attend yoga classes ALL day long and then drumroll please...Friday night's session is the ONE, the ONLY, KRIS CARR. I literally cannot wait to see her. So, who's in with me?

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Denise said...

just found out yesterday that my husband tore is ACL, MCL and meniscus. Our summer plans have radically changed now - surgery and recovery. All this to say - I would LOVE to meet you there...someday :)