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stressed out is what is going on in my mind this week. i was sick most of april (with this annoying dry cough that wouldn't/won't go away...the kids have had a stomach flu thing on & off the past 2 weeks and have been at home and not at school or daycare) so i haven't gotten an iota of work (or training done). it rained + snowed all of last week so i couldn't ride & train. i pulled my hamstring and am limping around with 5 days to go until the big race.

anyway, i've been trying to come up with some solutions to the (MY) stresses. stresses which I realize in the grand scheme of things are pretty small.

i've got the big bike race this weekend which i've barely trained for (ouch) but am going to hammer it out anyway. i raised over $2500 towards Livestrong & our local breast cancer center. thanks to all of you who generously donated. and i'm not going to quit now.

my garden is full of weeds and nothing else and i decided that is the way it is staying this year. i will buy my spinach, kale & tomatoes from the farmers market. a year off from my garden won't kill anyone.

i didn't get into any of the marathon lotteries i tried for and none in drive distance work out timing wise for me, so i'm putting that off until next year (it's a relief actually). and its okay.

i've got tons of people interested in buying LobotoME (and i just need to be patient) even though I'm ready to be DONE.

interested people in the camper have fallen through (again, i just need to be patient).

I keep trying to remind myself that SIMPLIFICATION doesn't happen overnight. in will ferrell's case it did, but you know he's will ferrell. i cannot wait to see this movie.

i also keep reading this quote. it speaks to me so much right now. "This is what endurance means to me right now. This is what I’m training for. It’s the ability to show up and keep up. It’s the ability to persevere when I’m tired. It’s the ability to sustain a good mood when I’m fading. It’s the ability to be there and mark moments with my precious kiddos while they still want to mark moments with me." ~ Kristin Armstrong ---- isn't that a great quote?

so that's what I'm going to do this week. show up & keep up. smile when i'm fading. be present with my kids. all else will fall into place.

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Wilcox Family said...

I just love you Jenny...yes, show up and be present with your kids. Amen! My mantra these days....everything is falling together!! Hang in there...xo, Jana

jen said...

your blog is awesome! :) love it!