{ we did it }

Woo-hoo!! My team, The Iron Maidens, finished the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic this past weekend! We had so much fun (especially at the finish line eating well-deserved cupcakes & drinking beer). We started as a team and finished as a team and I don't think I could have slogged over that last mountain pass without them! The 50 mile/half-century race started in downtown in downtown Durango at 6,500 ft and climbed to Purgatory Ski Area at 8,879 feet and then onto Coal Bank Pass (10,660 feet) and then summit Molas Divide Pas at 10,899 feet then a fast descent down into Silverton finishing at 9,318 feet. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining with clear blue skies. It was impossible to not be smiling while riding our bikes over the San Juan Mountains. And my teammates were there for me when I bonked part way up the last & final pass. I kept saying to myself I can do this, we can do this. We are almost there. I am almost to the top. And we did it! note to self: a bit more training would have helped. ;-)

So what is it that YOU'VE been wanting to do but think you can't or think its too hard? Just do it. Sign up for it with some friends. Schedule it in. It's go time people. We aren't getting any younger and life isn't getting any longer. GO!


Linda said...

Great job! You rock! I have been wanting to do a sprint triathlon, but I think I can't because I am so bad at swimming.

Anonymous said...

way to go!!

Wilcox Family said...

WAHOOO!! Good Job, I'm proud of you!