{ the spending diet... week 9 + 10 }

Hmmm... Okay, no beating around the bush. Here's what I've acquired so far this month.

1. Four $1 bubblewands for the kids. (See if I start with the small and inconsequential perhaps you'll get bored and not read on...and see how bad I've been)...
2. This skirt. Adorable. Probably will wear it everyday this summer.
3. A grey & white striped tank top from Target. Can't find it on the website but it was $8.
4. This cute summer dress. It has pockets! :)
5. A pair of Lululemon Astro Crops off of ebay. Love them.
6. New pair of bike capris (with extra padding) for the LONG bike race coming up memorial day weekend. My butt has been KILLING me after long rides, so I think this falls in the necessary category.

That's all. Back to saving for this.

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Anonymous said...

i love your style :)