{ the spending diet...week 5 + 6 }

Hmmm...April hasn't been so good on the wallet. Partially because it was my birthday so that involved dinners out, trips, and a pedicure I treated myself too. I also picked up this, this and this at Forever 21. I bought this cycling jersey from Athleta and this from Old Navy. Geez. There goes my {if it won't last, don't buy it deal I had with myself}. Not needed. And I saved the best purchase for last. My birthday gift to myself. Anyhoo, I got my little, what I will call {Birthday Shopping}, out of my system and will get back to saving $ stat. The good news is that I've still SOLD more than I've brought in...Anyway, blogging about this helps me too! I'm wondering if its possible for me to get in the habit of NOT spending?

image above via TinyDevotions

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