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I've been busting a move around here the past few weeks. Mostly because I had no other choice. Stuff just had to get done. And trust me when I say, none of it has been perfect.
1. 1st event production of the season complete. Sun + Safe Race = Happy Racers and a happy Jenny.
2. Working on yard projects. The sun has been out and I've been raking until the sun goes down. Started planning the garden space (still too soon to plant outdoors) and can't wait until my lettuce, spinach & kale start growing again.
3. Samme's 7th Birthday Party. Sleepover + Icecream Sundaes + Tangled + Popcorn = Six Happy & Hilarious & Giggling Little Girls and one tired mama.
4. Been training. Did a LONG ride last week and have an even longer ride planned for this week...up, up + over the mountains. Its not going to be a perfect race. Or an easy race. But I'm going to get it done.
5. Been getting back on my yoga mat. I can feel it in my bones + in my spirit when I've been away from the mat too long. My practice isn't perfect but all that matters is making time to do it.
6. Been purging some more. Why oh why do I do this all the time and there is still WAY TOO MUCH STUFF?
7. Been dreaming about getting a new hot tub. I know it is more STUFF and another thing to take care of but Will & I do our best communicating while sitting in that thing late at night after the kids have gone to bed. I think that in the long run a hot tub might wind up being less expensive than therapy, no?
8. Been eating too much birthday cake and crap. This week's goal - more green juice and salads and less crap. Again, my meals aren't perfect but they can be better than they have been. Off to dust off the juicer.

Have a great week! GO! Just get it DONE.

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