{ on my mind }

1. Love this vlog from Kris Carr. And speaking of her, she's on the cover of this month's Experience Life Magazine. Go Kris, GO!
2. A great article about the Top Ten Money Mistakes Parents Make with Kids.
3. Love this post about Ten Tips for a Mindful Home.
4. Cutest gift for a little girl ever...
5. Love this post about public schools.
6. Am in love with this blog + blogger. Just the kick in the pants I needed this month. Her vision board pictured above.
7. Great post about simplifying your family life.
8. I want to be able to pack + travel this lightly.
9. A great post about 50 Things you need to give up today.
10. Love his 42 goals in 42 months list.
11. Really interesting post about Tech Free Time for kids.

Have a great week! GO!

SmileWithYourHeart vision board pictured above. Isn't it great?


Kelly + Mike said...

Great post! Thanks for some Monday morning happiness ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool blog!! Thanks so much for posting my vision board and link!!!! Spreading the love!! WOHOOOOOO!!! Smile with your heart!!