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1. Love the poster above via Black Eiffel.
2. Love great people doing great things.
3. This week is playing catch up before MORE company comes into town this weekend.... and hitting lots of SPIN classes at the gym getting ready for the big RIDE this spring.
4. We've had lots of company so our grocery bills have been higher and we've been eating out more so we are way over food budget already this month. So, we'll be eating lots of leftovers this week and things that have been in the pantry & freezer for too long. Might need to get uber-creative.
5. Last week I got to sample the Healing Cooler's juices...super yum. This is a great way of doing a juice cleanse if you don't have a juicer or a natural foods juice bar nearby. It also makes a great gift for someone you know who is embarking on a healthier lifestyle or who is ill. More on this great company soon.

6. Am I the only person that spent too much money in January despite my resolutions + goals this year? I mean I needed new shorts for spin classes in order to train, right? And I needed a cute new bag to cart my workout clothes to & from the gym, right? Yikes. So, I need to curb this big time. I just went through the kids clothes and pulled out tons to donate and realized they have more than ENOUGH. I have so many things still in my closet I never wear. I have 6 black coats (a dressier one, a raincoat, a ski coat, a winter vest, a cycling/running jacket and a coat I got at one of our races from a sponsor). SIX black coats people. Geez.
Anyway, its time to find my frugal groove again.

Have a great week my friends! GO!


paula said...

I am embracing my frugal self. the mr bought me a new knife set and I about had a heart attack. I didnt put it into the budget, oh well. All of ours our broken so the purchase made sense, i just wasnt prepared. ha. the juice sounds wonderful.

PS~Erin said...

I need to do the same. We've decided to try to halt the spending for the next 2-3 (gulp) months. Love finding inspiration over here!

Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm in control this year...it's not always easy but I'm so determined to move next year that this is overriding any spending urges...so far!