{ on my mind }

1. Love the tagline on the back of this cookbook: Life is not chaotic: It’s rich.

2. I love reading about work at home mom's daily routines like Ali Edwards.

Love Ali's Follow Your Heart post.

4. Love everything about this home tour.

5. Love this post By Paula about Simplicity.

6. Love the mantra shown above from StephModo.

7. On our menu this week....Lots of smoothies, fish & steamed veggies, salads & soups & green juice galore.

8. Speaking of food, I love these photographs of healthy meals.

9. Sweetest Naturally Healthy Valentine's Idea ever...

It's almost Friday! Have a great weekend!


karen★ said...

as soon as you posted that valentine's idea on twitter, i knew that would be a perfect idea. i'm so glad you found it. i also love ali's posts about daily life as well...& those healthy meals look like exactly what i've been eating lately. (i can't believe i'm keeping up with it!)

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Thanks for the link mention!

Laura said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for the links...more wonderful reads!

Have a great weekend :)