{ thrive }

Just a quick update to let you all know that my MRI & tests came back and the LUMP in my breast is just a benign LUMP...no icky cancer this time around (thank god). I am calling it my { love lump }. It's there to remind me to live each day fully and to love those around me because life is short.

I think I may change my word of the year from FUN (because boy oh boy the past few weeks haven't been very fun) to THRIVE. I want my body to THRIVE. I want it to be so healthy that cancer cells find it a inhospitable environment in which to grow. I want my relationships to THRIVE. With my children, my husband, my family & friends. I want my children to THRIVE in every way possible. I want my spirituality & faith to THRIVE. I also want my bank account to THRIVE. :-)

Thanks for all of your love, support + prayers the past few weeks. xoxo ~


Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever Jenny.....love the picture!

Happy thriving :)

JOATMON said...

great news, continued good karma being generated by your loyal readers!

Dawn said...

What great news...I'm so happy for you & your family:) Ditto what Laura said...happy thriving!

Carolyn said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. Now thrive for all you're worth!! :D

PS~Erin said...

You are truly inspirational!