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I think I dodged a bullet, a cancer bullet, last week my friends. I had my annual checkup with my great doc on Thursday morning. I came romping in there with my latest cancer screening bloodwork in my hands (which was the best it has ever been) ready to kick some major ass at the visit. Then, during my routine breast exam, she found the dreaded LUMP. Yikes. Triple yikes. It was in this weird spot that I don't think I would had ever discovered during my monthly self breast exams...anyway to make a LONG story short, I had 4 mammograms, one ultrasound and a breast biopsy...all in ONE day. The initial biopsy results came back negative which was great news but I still need to do a follow up breast MRI and an open biopsy due to my cancer history this week. Anyway, this was quite a wake up call to me & those around me that the most important things are our health & our family and that work and worries that are beyond our control should not be anywhere near the top of the list. And a loving reminder from ME to you to GO make your annual doctor's appointments & mammogram appointment now.

My goal this week (and forever) will be to ONLY putting things into my body that create a WELLNESS temple not sick, diseased, cancerous cells. Green juice today anyone? So I'm embarking on Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet which isn't a diet but more of an overall health & wellness plan. I can't recommend her new book enough, just trust me and go get it today and join in and get your vibrant health glow ON. GO!

Anyway, once everything settles down over here, I'll be back! Thanks for your kindness + prayers! xox ~ jenny


dandee said...

Keeping you (and your family) in my prayers, Jenny! You have such an amazing attitude, there's not a doubt in my mind this will all turn out.

Courtney Baker said...

Thinking about you.

Laura said...

You're in my thoughts Jenny. Sending positive thoughts for this week x

Carolyn said...

Glad to here that your scare was a scare not a reality. I'm living with the scare right now. Since July actually when they found a growth in one lung, then another in another lung 3 mths later. Right now they are monitoring the situation. Going for constant CT's. UGH!
Your post caught my attention being I am doing Kris' cleanse at the moment. She is amazing. I'm 9 days into it and feeling pretty good :)

karen★ said...

i'm so glad that things were just a "scare". (huge scare though.) i am definitely wishing you so many good things right now!

i downloaded the book this morning & started it. i cannot wait to finally get on board with this whole taking better care of myself thing. thanks to you...& your tweets about the book...i have finally found a book that i'm really excited to read & DO!

thanks again sweet girl for being such a great inspiration to me. you are the best!

karen★ said...

p.s. absolutely adorable picture of your family. you look completely vibrant & beautiful!