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1. Love this idea of a family time capsule.
2. So, people, I'm not sure how I went from upstate NY to Colorado when I'm just not a huge fan of WINTER. I think perhaps I should have continued on westward...Anyway, I used to be a skier (pre-kids) and I know, I know, I COULD be the parent that takes Samme skiing, but I'm not and I'm just fine with that. Frankly, this is what I've decided about Colorado winters. The snow is pretty on Christmas day. I am much better at hibernating indoors and being ready with the hot cocoa & snack after the kids & my husband are outside sledding or skiing. I am much better at creating craft projects with the kids and making a bit pot of soup or chili. And I have determined that I must find a way to be in Mexico a large chuck of this weather period. I must. Okay, enough about the weather...
3. Here's a great list of healthy tips to start the new year off right...it's not too late my friends. It's never too late. Speaking of which did you buy Kris Carr's new book yet? GO!
4. Am in awe of this family & their zero waste home.
5. I am so on board with this project.
6. I love this post...is busy the new normal?
7. I love this bag. Love it.

That's all I've got right now peeps...a busy week ahead, will be back soon.

{ i love this image above via etsy/frecklewonder }


hodgepodge said...

4 and 5 are the same links....

Bridget said...

So, I actually *did* get Kris Carr's book! And I'm going to start the official 21 day cleanse in Feb! I'm terrified. And excited. I believe you juice, correct? What juicer do you own? I can't afford top of the line, but I'm thinking of buying one... As of now, I only have a blender (for smoothies), but no juicer.