{ thrive + ride }

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your support with my recent breast cancer scare... there is just no other way of saying it but Cancer SUCKS.

I've been thinking a lot about my word of the year {thrive} and figuring out how to live that word on a daily basis. It means putting green, healthy foods in my body. Reducing our exposure to toxic chemicals both in our food chain and in cleaning products, etc. Negating our overall impact on the environment. Simplifying our lives so that we can spend time on what matters most. And living each day like its my last.

One of the things I went ahead and did was sign up for a 50 mile road bike race Memorial Day Weekend, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic that I've always wanted to do (no time like the present my friends!) It's a great race with a WICKED hard course over several 10,000 foot mountain passes. I signed up to be a part of the Livestrong Team...and am going to ride to raise money for cancer research. The Livestrong Team is helping to raise money for the Breast Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center, a place I got to become quite familiar with earlier this month, so the cause is near & dear to my heart. You can view a Team Livestrong video about the race here. I'm riding with a great group of women and we are going to start as a team and finish as a team. This seemed like one way I can {thrive} and help others thrive as well. I am hoping that many of you would be willing to help me raise money for the ride. Ten cents for every mile I ride is a $5 donation. One dollar for every mile I will ride is a $50 pledge. Here is a link to my personal fundraising page. $1000 is the minimum I hope to raise but I hope to blow the top off of that!

Thanks for your support + cheers! xoxo, jenny


kirwin said...

I saw this quote/mantra and thought of you. ; )


LobotoME said...

Kirwin! I love it - thanks!! ps...where did your cute blog go???

xo, j :)

LobotoME said...

Thanks everyone for your support! I'm already half way to my FUNdraising goal on DAY ONE! GO!

Sarah said...

Jenny your link is not working for me, can you email me it?

LobotoME said...

Try this link!