{ sanity saving holiday tips }

- KISS....Keep It Simple Stupid. :)
- Have a stash of nice wine to bring to holiday parties.
- Have a stash of extra kids gifts on hand. I like these
blank/make your own books with a set of new markers or crayons.
- Buy a large roll of kraft paper, leave it plain, or have the kids decorate it. Add red & white twine, a white label and you are good to go with all of your holiday wrapping.
- Have a stash of LobotoME notepads for hostess, teach & co-worker gifts.
- I make an 8x8 hardcover Shutterfly photo book each year for all of the grandparents. It's their favorite gift always and we get them done all in one shot.
- Have ingredients in the pantry to make a large impromptu batch of veggie chili or lentil soup & cornbread for unexpected company or last minute guests.

- Don't know what to get a hard to buy family member? Buy them Coal. Seriously, its a great program to provide fuel efficient stoves for families in Haiti.
-And remember, its okay to say no during the holidays.
- I keep the Christmas decorations to a minimum. Think Sundance Catalog style. Simple & classic. Fresh evergreen on mantle, a simple tree decorated by the kids with white LED lights, homemade ornaments & vintage silver balls from Will's grandparents, lots of white & red candles throughout the house... About 2 years ago, I purged almost all of the holiday crap we accumulated. Now, I'm down to one bin of ornaments and one of decorations, lights & candles.

Here are some previous years Simple Christmas posts here and here.

What are some of your sanity saving holiday tips?

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karen★ said...

i'm the same with simple decorations, otherwise cleanup is something i completely dread. just a few strings of lights, one homemade ornament that we usually cut out from paper, & i make new projects every year so we can just put them in recycling instead of having to wrap them up carefully & hope they aren't ripped the next year. i haven't bought any new decorations in years. such a money saver!