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1. I love people doing such important work. Like this new endeavor, The Advenure Project. I am buying coal for all of the parents/grandparents in the family this year. And things like this are such excellent reminders of how lucky we are. I honestly have never thought about not having a stove. A stove that I lovingly bake meals, Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas cookies for my family in and on. But there are so many people that don't have a stove. Can't cook their family food. Can't boil water. So, when we are all out & about buzzing around this holiday season, think about those people and do something to help. Even a little something is better than nothing...

2. This message.

3. Thinking about making this and these for holiday gifts.

4. I get asked about this chore chart all the time...Finally found it again!

5. Later this week, some sanity saving holiday tips...do you need them?

6. I'm going to bust a move this week and work off some of that apple pie I ate last week.

7. And last, but not least....I've extended the $5 off a notepad deal through Friday...use couponcode: FRIENDS5.

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