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1. This song.

2. Love her style.

3. Love this advent calendar. I have had to resist buying it like 10x already.

4. Her workouts really kick my butt in a great way. Trying to schedule at least an hour of exercise a day so I can enjoy all of the Christmas cookies I want (and to keep my sanity)!

5. I'm also scheduling in time each day to do work on our families December Daily album...this month despite all of the holiday happenings. This may be the last year of the "believing" from a certain 6 1/2 year old and I want to document it all... I purchased an adorable pre-made album off of etsy so I have no excuses not to do it.

6. Love everything about this Advent project.

7. Next year I plan on incorporating this into our Thanksgiving tradition.

8. We've been making lots of these reindeer cards.

9. I'm in love with this house/compound.

10. Later this week... my holiday gift lists. Other than a few homemade food items, I'm done. Don't hate ME. I'm trying to wrap up other loose holiday ends (travel plans, babysitters, etc. this week) so that I'm on top of everything and not scrambling around last minute....

Happy Holidays my friends!

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karen★ said...

i really really love the activities she has on her advent calendar. leave a pile of books at a mall? i never would have thought of that, but how genius?!

p.s. you are amazing that you are still working out during the season. i am unfortunately a lost cause this month.