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1. Love this recycled wine barrel swing that my kids were gifted! What an amazing gift! Thank you Carrie!
2. This dress might just have made its way into my home. Just sayin'. I think I might have to join in on the "What I wore on Wednesday" bandwagon. It may help get me out of my workout clothes! :)
3. I have to say that these are my favorite workout pants ever. I love them even more than my Lululemon ones and they are a fraction of the cost. I can tell you about them now that I've stocked up. ;-)
4. Love this charming ice-skating party! Hoping to replicate it this winter if our pond cooperates!
5. Always inspired by her.
6. Working on our New Years Resolutions, Inspirations & Goals. Will share mine soon along with a recap of my 2010 goals. Manifesting lots of good things in 2011.
7. Was really inspired by a lot of people this holiday season but in particular her + her with their RACK (Random Acts of Kindness projects with the kids and her gift card drive to families in need) really hit home to ME.
8. Love this article on ways parents can save money but not buying into the whole "my child needs everything" mindset. The best line in it..."Repeat after me, your child won't remember!"
9. Gearing up for a post holiday purge of the house/closets/holiday decorations, a January spending hiatus, and a cleanse of the body (note to self: toss the leftover holiday cookies), a simple, repeatable meal plan for the month of January and tips to start the new year off more organized! More on these soon.
10. My favorite Christmas gift is pictured above...an imovie Will made for us about our 2010 adventures, trips & everyday moments. It was a complete surprise and awesome and I will treasure it forever!

Hope you all had a very merry holiday and best wishes for a happy, healthy & adventurous new year!

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