{ 2010 Resolutions + Aspirations }

{ fit + healthy ME } - this is the {year of the pullup!} (last year was the year of debt payoff and getting my act together financially)
: Sweat everyday. Step it up. P90X for 90 days. Do a pull up. Get toned. Sign up for a race.
: Less work, more play. Finally bit the bullet and hired a PT assistant to help with shipping, customer service, etc.
: More yoga and meditation.

{ family }
: Continue to practice Slow Family Living. Present, mindful time with kids. Continue to work on my patience, my letting go. Remember, our children only get one childhood.
: Weekly dates with Will (skiing, hiking, sushi, movies, at home, etc.)
: Continue volunteer work at Sam's school.

{ business }
: Launch LobotoME's No Brainer School Fundraising Program and make it an uber-successful way for schools to raise much needed funds (launching 1/15)
: Increase LobotoME's affiliate network.
: Support Will & Todd in a successful launch of new ZOIK product line and grassroots marketing campaign.
: Support Will in a successful event production season and hosting National Championships.

{ travel + adventure }
: Month in Dominican Republic or Mexico with Kids.
: NYC trip with Sam and my mom next winter
: Week away with Will
: Girls weekend
: Summer family Raft Trip(s)
: East Coast Trip in fall to see family & friends
: Moab Trips

{ home }
: Continue to simplify our home and contents - Less IS more. Get rid of things that aren't useful, beautiful or joyful.
: Finish landscaping around pond & work on tree house for kids.
: Increase garden food production.

{ financial }
: Continue sticking with monthly spending plans. Before buying it, ask myself, do we need it? Can I get it for less? Can I borrow it?
: Max out IRAs and fund kids college funds.
: Keep working towards goal of having our home paid off in 5 years and being completely debt-free.

Do share....what are your resolutions, aspirations or goals for the New Year? Don't know where to start, try making a list of 10 in 2010 or 10 for ZEN in 2010! Remember, a resolution isn't what you "should" do; it's a chance to move your life forward.

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