{ resolutions recap... }

I think its important to review the previous year before rushing onto the next...what worked, what didn't, what would we like to do differently, what would we like to add more of, etc. So, here is a a recap of my 2010 Resolutions & Aspirations...

{ fit + healthy ME }
- this is the {year of the pullup!} (last year was the year of debt payoff and getting my act together financially)
: Sweat everyday. Step it up. P90X for 90 days. Do a pull up. Get toned. Sign up for a race. - Better! Did p90x for 2+ months, then slacked, then picked back up, ran a 5K, toned up but still for the life of ME cannot do a pull-up! :-)
: Less work, more play. Finally bit the bullet and hired a PT assistant to help with shipping, customer service, etc. -- Didn't do so great at this, especially when my assistant left to go back to school and I never re-hired anyone. So I worked hard, but I still feel I played harder.
: More yoga and meditation. - Yes!

{ family }
: Continue to practice Slow Family Living. Present, mindful time with kids. Continue to work on my patience, my letting go. Remember, our children only get one childhood. - Yes! Still always room for improvement!
: Weekly dates with Will (skiing, hiking, sushi, movies, at home, etc.) - Yes! Didn't manage weekly dates but at least 2x a month which was much better!
: Continue volunteer work at Sam's school. - Yes! Every Wednesday I volunteer in her classroom.

{ business }
: Launch LobotoME's No Brainer School Fundraising Program and make it an uber-successful way for schools to raise much needed funds (launching 1/15) - Yes! Still working on expanding the program to more schools! We are also going to revamp it a bit and offer more options in 2011.
: Increase LobotoME's affiliate network. - Yes!
: Support Will & Todd in a successful launch of new ZOIK product line and grassroots marketing campaign. - Yes!
: Support Will in a successful event production season and hosting National Championships. - Yes!

{ travel + adventure }
: Month in Dominican Republic or Mexico with Kids. - Fail. But we did go on a bunch of road trips in our new to us airstream and we've already booked our Mexico vaca for next November! Woot! :-)
: NYC trip with Sam and my mom next winter - Didn't happen but maybe next year!
: Week away with Will - a weekend...
: Girls weekend - Yes a partial girls weekend with Alli!
: Summer family Raft Trip(s) - Yes!
: 2 week East Coast Trip in fall to see family & friends! Yes!
: Moab Camping Trips - Yes!

{ home }
: Continue to simplify our home and contents - Less IS more. Get rid of things that aren't useful, beautiful or joyful. - Yes, but still more to go!
: Finish landscaping around pond & work on tree house for kids. - Getting there!
: Increase garden food production. - Fail. But supported the farmers market a ton! :)

{ financial }
: Continue sticking with monthly spending plans. Before buying it, ask myself, do we need it? Can I get it for less? Can I borrow it? - I'm getting better but December was a pretty big blow, so I'm going to get back on track Jan. 1st! :)
: Max out IRAs and fund kids college funds. - Yes!
: Keep working towards goal of having our home paid off in 5 years and being completely debt-free. - Working on it!

So all in all not bad.... Working on my 2011 Resolutions, Inspirations & Goals this week. Will & I like to work on these together on New Year's Eve.... Remember, a resolution isn't what you "should" do; it's a chance to move your life forward in the direction you want.

How did you all do on your New Years Resolutions?
What's on your list for this year?

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Summer said...

we are so on the same level when it comes to writing down our goals!!! Love it girl!

Now lets get healthy with Tracy!!!