{ making my lists, checking them twice... }

I am done with all of my Christmas shopping. Don't hate me please.

1. The kids are getting this from Santa. Santa always leaves the kids something to play with together (an indoor toy)- last year (cardboard rocketship) & this year the kids are getting a cardboard playhouse on Christmas morning. Note to all of you...it keeps the kids busy ALL day decorating it with markers, stickers, etc. and its fully recyclable.
The other gifts we do are 4 categories (Want, Need, Read & Wear). We do this in order to limit what the kids get from us - they get too much as it is, especially when factoring in all of the grandparents gifts). I also attempt to find things at second hand shops or that are handmade or are from local stores and to not spend too much.


Want - wood vanity for her room (I bought it at an estate sale this summer and have been hiding it since)
Need - new snow pants

Read - a children's bible & this
Wear - new outfit for school (etsy)


Want - scooter (a thrift store find, it is like new but was only $5)

Need - new sneakers (light up sketchers from local store)

Read - basketball book (from local book store)

Wear - NY Giants jacket (that I bought at the thrift store in like new condition for $3 - score!)

2. I got
this print for Will. I thought it was fitting for us. We generally try to stick to the principle of "Trips NO Gifts" but I like to get him a little something each year for our home.

3. The kids teachers are getting a giftcard to a local coffee shop/restaurant;
LobotoME notepads, jar of homemade granola and an apple ornament.

4. The grandparents are all getting a shutterfly photobook, a framed family photo, a print of Samme's school picture and a
box of coal.

5. My brother & I are chipping in to buy my dad a used golf cart (it is a rockin' red); and my mom a gift certificate for a day at the spa. We get each others kids each one small gift but don't exchange gifts with the adults.

6. Neighbors, bus drivers, friends are getting baskets of homemade goodies - bread, granola, jam, etc.

What's on your shopping/making list for the holidays? Are you done? Haven't started yet?

image via sundance


Jen said...

I sort of hate everyone that says they are ready for Christmas except for you because you always share your genius. 4 categories. I can do 4 categories! Thank you for taking the time to blog. You lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders today.

Meredith said...

Do you have a good recipe for the granola? I'd be interested in trying it for gifts also. Thanks!

LobotoME said...

Hi Meredith - I do have a great recipe, I'll post it later this week. Cheers, J :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Jen! Happy Holidays! yes, the 4 categories help so much (both mentally & financially)!

karen★ said...

yup...i hate you! i haven't even started yet...mainly because some super awesome person stole my money & we aren't willing to dip into savings...just yet!

i love that print! it does seem like it fits the two of you perfectly!

you have also inspired me to get moving on gifts for teachers, bus drivers, etc. thank you for always giving me the swift kick i need1