{ brain buzz + breathe }

The MEpad listed as a great co-worker gift in Breathe Magazine's cute gift guide.... LobotoME’s notepads come in a variety of sanity saving themes, from FeedME (meal planner) to PackME (travel planning). For the free thinker, we love their MEpad for all of your daily lists and to-do’s. There’s a pad for every personality in your office, all made with recycled paper and soy-based inks.


Dawn said...

Congrats...very cool :)

...and I think I spy some Susy Jack pencil cups in there too!

karen★ said...

that is such great news! i'm so happy for you whenever i hear great news like that. i can think of absolutely no one else who deserves the success like you do!

p.s. that picture in the last post is so awesome! that's you looking so completely fresh & pretty in the green, on the left right?!