{ brain buzz }

Christmas came early over at our office when we woke up (and while running late to get the kids ready for school) saw that the MEpad had made it to the big leagues on Gizmodo...the tech site of all tech sites. Then, later that day it appeared on Trendhunter and a few other tech sites. I've never had so many MALES shopping on my site. :) Anyway, once we get caught up on shipping I'll be back to post about some sanity-saving holiday tips, Thanksgiving day ideas + more. Peace.


dandee said...

Such happy news! Congratulations!

karen★ said...

more wonderful news for you!! this has to be the busiest time of year for you, & i'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

exciting, exciting, exciting!!! i knew your products were genius the minute i laid eyes on them! and to boot ... i can now call you friend! ;)