{ on my mind + menu }

1. Thanksgiving week...so much to be thankful for...our family, our home, our health (which btw, my recent bloodwork (post-cancer quarterly screening) came back and it was AWESOME). Green juice rules.
2. We are going to do some of these & these adorable Thanksgiving projects.
3. Christmas planning...1st up - this year's family photo. Fortunately, we get to spend Thanksgiving with my talented brother in law.
4. Advent calendar list compiled & family activities ready to go.
5. Love this post via Tara at Ink+Wit about quality vs. quantity...an important thing to keep in mind as we go into the holiday season.
6. On the menu... veggie this, an organic turkey, our famous cranberry jello recipe, roasted veggies, big salads with pomegrantes, apples and walnuts and pomegrante mojitos...for thanksgiving. yum.

More soon on sanity saving holiday tips, simple Christmas ways, and more ways to stay healthy + sane during the busy holiday season... In the meantime, happy thanksgiving my friends.


Anonymous said...

Hey there : )

sorry for the no comments lately. do know I still stop over and read your blog!!

Look how cute you are in this picture. And, yipeee for your test results.

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

karen★ said...

happy thanksgiving to you as well! i've been out of the loop lately so expect a few comments in the next few minutes while i catch up with you!

p.s. love those projects!

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant about the test results Jenny..I hope that you and your beautiful family are having a lovely Thanksgiving celebration.


Anonymous said...

i love this family photo!!!