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1. Love Kris Carr's video about decluttering our lives. Isn't she adorable?

2. Going to make these for the kids one day after school this week.

3. My favorite iphone app.

4. What a cool company and what fun jewelry!

5. Love this video.

6. Way to go MeRa - the Nate Berkus Show! You go girl! Can't wait to see you on it!

7. No Spend Month challenges - this sale ($5 cute shirts for Henry...) and this sweater which looks perfect for ME. So far I've resisted. But I feel my resolve diminishing. But then I see posts like this...he only has 55 things. I have more than 55 things on my desk. In my closet. In our kitchen. We probably have 5500 things (or more)! Geez...

8. Another family that is consumer debt-free!

9. Sometimes I read things that make me cringe.

10. Jody is collecting vitamins for children in Sierra Leone. Can you help? More info here. Deadline 10/1 so hurry up my friends.

11. Love this idea.

12. Love this paint chip garland...going to make this for Henry's birthday this week...the little guy turns 2!!! Speaking of which, we are having a "Football Party" because playing with footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, etc. is all he wants to do. His present is a gigantic box of new BALLS! And he'll be having pumpkin muffins in lieu of cake because he doesn't like sweets... that is essentially the only way people would know that we adopted him because I have never met a cupcake I didn't like. Anyway, going to spend as much time snuggling with the little guy before he hits TWO later this week and officially isn't my little bebe anymore... :(


Anonymous said...

i saw that video a year ago - it is good.

hey, i'm feeling much better and really think my chest pain was muscular - over stretching - in my yoga weekend. go figure!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Henry this week! Hard to believe he's already 2!