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ManvsDebt's awesome new guide/ebook is out... Sell your Crap. It's a must read for anyone that is feeling overwhelmed with "stuff" and wants to simplify their life &/or earn some extra $$ by clearing out the clutter in your home/closets/etc. It walks you through the WHY of getting rid of your stuff and teaches you the HOW. How to list items on ebay, craigslist, etc. What to donate, what to sell, etc.

Adam & his wife sold off a bunch of their stuff and traveled around the world with their little girl. Totally inspiring story here. As you may recall, last year I sold a ton of our stuff (aka crap) and paid off my remaining school loan debt - $15,000 TOTAL. Whether you just want a more zen home, or need to pay off some debt or just wanted some extra dough for a plane ticket to Hawaii, this guide is for you.

I'm going to write a more thorough review next week once I work my way through all 3 guides but it is seriously worth the time & money to read it. Let the purging + selling begin! GO!

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Van said...

I certainly want to try this one out, I'm glad to see you've taken the plunge with it as well. Organization for the win! Keep us updated!