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“What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.” –Hugh Mulligan

1. Love this quote above. Don't you? So today after I volunteer at Sam's school, I'm taking Henry to the park to PLAY.
2. On the menu this week - veggie chili and taco salad (with the leftovers) with this cornbread...haven't gotten any further than that yet. :-)
3. Have I mentioned how much I love Fall?
4. The little guys birthday party was this weekend - this was about the only photo I got of him because he was on the MOVE the entire time.
5. Love this post about minimalism.
6. I really want to go to this. Anyone want to come with ME?
7. I'd also really like to go here as well.
8. Love this video. You will too.

Have a great week! GO!

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karen★ said...

i read this the other day as well, but couldn't do the video until today. i loved it. he looks so much happier & relaxed. the tag line at the end, to do it, you just have to do it, sounds so simple but is somehow so profound. what an incredible journey he took in just one year. i'm really glad i came back to watch it!

ME! i want to come with you! & the fact that no tattoos are required bodes very well for me. it sounds amazing!

(i love being caught up on your blog!)