{ on my mind + menu }

1. This week, we are eating: lots of smoothies, almond butter + jelly sandwiches on the go, big salads with greens & veggies from the farmers market with grilled fish & veggies, etc. In the summer I hate to cook. I really do. I'd much rather be on the back deck sipping a margarita, ya know what I mean? So we keep it simple around here. I don't slave in the kitchen.
2. Y'all are going to kill me for writing this, but I started my Christmas shopping. I found an antique vanity for Sam at thrift store for her room and was tempted to give it to her right away but I am going to paint it and give it to her for Christmas.
3. Love Hanna Anderson's kids backpacks/lunchboxes, etc. Of course my daughter wants the leopard print one. And, yes, I'm thinking about back to school time too. ;)

4. Working on press + marketing stuff for three separate businesses is giving me a BIG headache.
5. A
great post on simplifying your wardrobe.
6. Love these eco-friendly picnic boxes.
7. I'm feeling kind of whooped lately. Anyone else? It's hot out and I'm tired. I think I need a break. Just not sure how to fit one in. And yes, I know I do this to myself - like...attempt to go to press with a new product 10 days before leaving town (btw, sneak peek coming soon - its awesome!); host company; have friends over for dinner; squeeze in a girls night; plan fun outings with the kids; help my mom host a cocktail party; inventory; start a big landscaping project; for for a LONG run, etc.

8. Must drink more green juice this week (and not the lime margarita kind).
9. This past week, everyday felt like a Monday. You know the crazy kind of Monday? Yes, everyday was like that. Am going to go to yoga class this Monday morning at 9AM. Must start the week off with some ZEN.
10. Super bummed about Lance's super bad luck day at the Tour de France...

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Anonymous said...

i just told my husband this morning that we needed to be budgeting for back to school shopping!

amy said...

I love the christmas eearly gift buying idea. actually ordered my dad something for his bday in December and put it away. It helps so much with the budget to do it NOW or a little along the way! You sound great. I have been absent from reading blogs as much as I woudl like due to kids + summer fun. Off to a swim meet right now. XO. :)amy

dandee said...

back to school and Christmas shopping! you never cases to amaze me Jenny. I better get my act together!