{ on my mind + menu }

1. Our lives are busy, businesses are growing (along with associated to do lists) and it’s time to sort out everything and set clear goals on how we can work together as a family to accomplish them this summer (all while having fun and without going insane).
2. My garden needs some serious attention + love. It is hard to garden with an almost 2 year old little boy. That's all I'm going to say about that.
3. I've been really enjoying this book. Here's a snippet of wisdom from it: "Like any work of art, families need inspiration, fresh infusions of hope, and imagination." Good stuff, no?
4. Have I mentioned my new found love of Friday Night Lights? Tim Riggins may be worth having kept the television afterall. ;)
5. Feed ME meal plan: Whole what pasta & broccoli; chicken speedies & roasted veggies; veggie quesadillas & black beans; aussie burgers for Will for Father's Day (his favorite from his romping around Australia days); oh and this cake. And of course loads of smoothies & green juices.
6. Going to list some more stuff on ebay soon. Still trying to purge the closet of things that I don't wear, don't fit right, etc. I'm thinking gray & black are my main colors and I'm not going to deviate from that with any new purchases. I'm thinking a simple wardrobe with a few loved, core pieces...kind of ala Reese style. Picked up a few new pieces for summer...{don't ask about the spending hiatus, I've been bad}... this dress, this sweater, this top and this scarf.
7. Gearing up for our next race, a river trip and a big road trip back east this summer.
8. Loving all of the little vases of flowers Samme keeps leaving on my desk. I just adore her.
9. This top. Perfect for summer, no?
10. Life is full. We are blessed. So it goes.

image via going home to roost


Anonymous said...

Love your list!

That's the way to attack goals, have clear set ones, but keep then fun...

Grey and black are my main colours too...and I love all Reese Witherspoons clothes, perfect; I think she does 'casual' better than any one else.

Have a great summer Jenny :-)

Anonymous said...

love your thoughts and menu

Sarah said...

I am wondering what your go to snacks are?

Sarah said...

Can I just say I adore you Jenny! xx

karen★ said...

I completely understand about the garden & the 2 year old...you have my sympathy! I also love all the clothes you chose & the link to the Reese Witherspoon pics. The whole list is amazing & inspiring - I'm so happy for you that your business(es!) are doing so well. You deserve it Miss Jenny!