{ on my mind + menu }

1. very. very, very glad to have my husband home after he has been traveling for work for the past 2 weeks. i. do. not. know. how single parents or military families do it alone. so much respect for people who do it on their own. because it isn't for me people. ;)
2. friday night lights. just discovered it and love it. have watched EVERY episode. ;)
3. meal planning. this and this will be on the menu next week at our house via sheena of the little red house blog. ps. that's sheena's feed ME notepad featured above.
4. sam & henry both started their little summer camp programs last week 2x a week. will appreciate the time to get work done and hope they have fun!
5. did i mention i'm very glad to have my husband home?
6. pool time. everyday. i have the bag packed all the time by the front door. swimsuits, swim diapers, snacks, water bottles, towels. GO!
7. love this idea of a summer bucket list. want your own bucket list to fill out? go here.
8. i think this tshirt that says "master of disaster" has henry's name written all over it.
9. loved watching this.
10. thinking that my spice drawer needs an overhaul like this one. is it weird that i think about my spice drawer organization? ;)
11. came across this post from summer of 2007...it's so funny to see how different my momME weekly planner looks now (w/ 2 kids) than it did then. i can tell you for a fact that i am riding my bike a lot less. ;)
12. working on redoing the kids rooms (making henry's more of a toddler room and making samme's room more big girl-ish. all w/ furniture + artwork we have). i've got will's grandmother's vintage quilt that i can't wait to use in sam's room and henry's room we are doing a robot theme.
13. trying to get into a good rhythm round these parts for the summer...that obviously includes lots of pool time, but also down time and learning time. some great ideas here and here.
14. will post smoothie + juice recipes soon (many requests for these so i promise to get on it asap).
15. planning on putting the kids to bed early tonight and making margaritas and sitting out on the deck with my guy and catching up.

what's on your mind or menu these days? have a great weekend my friends!

image via in the little red house.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That summer pasta looks yummy! I might have to make that soon.

Anonymous said...

Margarita's sound like a good idea!

PS. Hope you don't mind me asking but do you ship to the UK, I couldn't see it on the site {apologies if it's there and I'm missing it}


LobotoME said...

Hi Laura - Yes, we do ship to the UK...it should bring up an international shipping option during checkout. Thanks! j :)

Anonymous said...

I love when you do these type of posts.

LobotoME said...

thanks denise! these seem to be the only blog posts i can pull off these days - disjointed, random one sentence blurbs! ;)