{ fit ME }

you. will. feel. this. burn.

First, schedule in your workout in your weekly planner.
When the time arrives, warm up with this lil dance cardio routine. (It takes a bit of practice).
Next have fun toning up your arms and making them teeny tiny with this arm webisode.
Of course you need to firm the butt and thighs, and this routine (that Gwenyth Paltrow did training for Iron Man!) will do the trick. ouch.
Finish up with a little abs, and you're on your way!
Be sure to jot down your workout on your Fit ME notepad.

{If you bookmark each of those video links, you will be able to get to them easily every day for a full workout! Or you can buy Tracy Anderson's Mat Workout which is my most favorite one by far!}


Anonymous said...

i'm always up for trying something new!

karen★ said...

I'm looking for something new to start just this week, so this is perfect timing. Thanks!