{ pull your weeds, plant good seeds }

Love this new print from Ink+Wit. In fact I have a spot ready for it when it arrives - where I can look it on a daily basis and make sure I am tending to the important things and weeding out the not good stuff. As Tara said, "What you have around you becomes you. What is in your kitchen cabinets, closet, body, and mind can really lift you up or bring you down. The doubts, fears, ego, and chaos that can become us if we are not careful to fill ourselves up with compassion, love, and peace." Get yours here.


karen★ said...

thanks for sharing this. i don't read ink & wit, so thanks for pointing it out! i think i might need to copy you...again...i hope that's ok?!!

LobotoME said...

hi karen! of course, order it up! it's lovely isn't it. it won't ship for 3 weeks (fyi). xo, J :)