{ ME }

What have I been up to, you ask?

1. More de-junking and purging of the house. Purged the heck out of my closet. Trying to keep things that I love and get rid of all of the things that I don't really like or don't fit me great. I want to own about 10 outfits that I love and get rid of the rest. Some things listed on ebay.
2. Devoured this book. Tons of great nuggets of wisdom.
3. Chopped off my hair which totally resulted in ME getting my mojo back.
4. Worked out a bunch- rocked out to some new tunes to Tracy Anderson's workouts and ran, ran, ran (without tunes, just enjoying the sun + listening to my own huffing & puffing).
5. Got the salad + smoothie garden started. That's pretty much what I grow - things for green smoothies + salads (spinach, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)
6. Spring cleaned the entire downstairs of our house. Still have the upstairs to go.
7. Took an impromptu road trip to one of our favorite places on earth and had a blast hiking with the kids & relaxing by the pool.
8. Made May Day baskets for neighbors & teachers. A fun, new tradition.
9. Did this fun photo project for mother's day (for grandmothers & birthmothers)
10. Been eating mostly vegan + raw (think tons of green juices, smoothies, salads) and feel a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
11. Finally got Sam signed up for her summer activities. I think that horseback riding lessons might be more expensive than buying a yacht. Just saying.
12. Kindergarten graduation & celebration. So proud of the sweet girl she is.
13. Tons of fresh flowers from the farmers market around the house.
14. My dad's successful surgery.
15. Deleted all the blogs that make me feel like a loser from my daily reads. Ah, much better now.
16. Can't wait for this.
17. An afternoon at the spa. Heaven on earth.
18. Tons of doctors appointments wrapped up. check, check, check.
19. Date night with Will. Sushi + Photobooth + Iron Man 2.
20. Blueprint cleanse. Yum.

So here is to new beginnings, and getting back on track, and remembering who you are, and working on better balance, and all that good stuff... What have you all been up to?


Anonymous said...

i love it when you do these posts. so motivating. i have my eye on the lucy items on your ebay! I've been giving lots of thought to an "almost" vegan diet. it is making lots of sense to me. love your comment about blogs too! xoxo

kirwin said...

What have I been up to? Apparently not as much as you!! You're a rockstar. : )

I wish I had the courage to sell things on ebay. I've never tried, and right now I don't have the patience to learn. Plus, we'll be moving out of our house in about 30 days, so I'm not sure if that makes sense to move a bunch of stuff that I plan on getting rid of anyway. Right? Right?

Can we see a photo of your new mojo-inspiring do? ; )

Carbzilla said...

Did I read that right that the Blueprint cleanse is $95 a Day??? Wow - I'd better break out my juicer. Glad you're feeling amazing though!

LobotoME said...

Thanks Denise~ hope you are well!

Thanks Kirwin - although I'd differ to say you have been pretty busy yourself with homemade rainbow goodies and listing your house!
If you are moving soon, its probably better/easier to have a big yard sale before moving the stuff to your new abode.

Carbzilla - Yes, it is super expensive - I bought the book and did my own cleanse with my juicer and blender. More on this soon as I've had lots of questions about it via email.

Simple Moves said...

Welcome back - we missed you!

karen★ said...

Such a great idea to devote a garden entirely to smoothies...might just try that.
Aaaahhhh. Moab. I miss it.
That sounds like the best date night ever! We loved Iron Man II & any day where sushi is involved is a perfect day!
How could you ever possibly feel like a loser? So. Not. Even. Close. LOVE THESE POSTS!