{ springing forward }

After a month of traveling and sickness, I'm finally feeling like myself and getting back on track with everything and starting fresh on other things.

1. I've been focusing on my own wellness (yoga instead of p90x) and tons of green juices and green smoothies. Sickness + sinus infection be gone!!!
2. I started spring cleaning the house - I can't wait to open up all the windows and air out the house. I'm doing a room by room approach. Slowly but surely. Of course the rooms get dirty again right after I clean them. I'm trying not to think about that.
3. I cleared out some more stuff out of my closet - jeans that are too loose (yipee) and some other BLACK clothes and purchased a few new bright & cheerful pieces for spring. Spending hiatus be damned, I needed some spring cheer in my closet and on me. I got this, this and this.
4. We are in the throws of gearing up for the 1st adventure race of the season. Praying for sun & warmth in the desert as I think I have a Vitamin D deficiency after the long winter.
5. Getting a fun spring routine going for the kids & I. After a winter of feeling cooped up by SNOW and sickness, we are starting to venture out more. Setting aside specific time each day for fun outings and projects with the kids (eg. swim with Henry on Tuesdays from 10-11 after a 9-10am kickboxing class). I'm heading back to a few workout classes with my friends each week - p90x worked fine this winter while we were cooped up and I am going to continue doing it 3-5x a week, but I miss seeing my friends at the gym. Of course all of this means working less. Work less, play more.
6. Starting to think about gardening and itching to read this. Still thinking about getting some chickens, but I wonder if we really need something else to take care of? ;)
7. The rest of this month is a Spring theme for after school projects with Samme - flower collages, flower paintings, flower shaped sandwiches, planting spring seedlings, painting bird houses, etc.
8. Gearing up for Samme's 6th Birthday at the end of the month. SIX. Six going on thirteen. That's all I have to say about that. She has requested a rainbow themed party - rainbow gumballs & rainbow pencils for favors, rainbow cupcakes & more.
9. Thinking a lot about this great post on Zen Habits about reclaiming the lost art of a rest day. I feel like I could use a rest MONTH. What about you?
10. Loving this Swedish home. Everything about it is simple perfection. (pictured above, image via here.)
11. There are yellow tulips all over the house. It helped cheer me up when it snowed yesterday. ;)
12. Loving all of Tracy Porter's Spring Line. Dreaming about this, this & this. But since I already thwarted the spending hiatus this week, thinking I'd better take a break from using the credit card. ;)
13. Loving this song {something good this way comes}

What's on your mind these days?


tracie said...

glad you're starting to feel better jenny!

i just ordered a yoga for ms patients and can't wait to give it a try. and your note about green smoothies will have me at the food store today getting ingredients! ;)

and i LOVE the way samme thinks {with her upcoming rainbow party}!!

happy week!

kirwin said...

My daughter is turning 4 in May, and she has also requested a rainbow-themed party. We're going to send frisbees as invitations because we're going to have the party at a park.

I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Carbzilla said...

Glad you're returning from the land of the lost. I, too, cannot wait to open the windows and let the breezes come through but it's still a little chilly here in the PNW.

I was JUST thinking about Tracy Porter this weekend because I picked up a magazine I'd never seen before: Maryjanes Farm? I was sucked in by the rooftop gardens. It has lots of good "new old-fashioned" info (and had some cool chicken coops). I'm not a farm girl whatsoever, but we do grow things and will soon have beehives. Anyway, it reminded me a LOT of Tracy Porter's style and how I thought I would be that "girly" some day but I'm really not. I'm still trying to figure out what our style is: modern organic???

Here's to spring!

sheena said...

that race!!!! you are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better. I see Kirwin left a comment. Is she back to blogging? (I hope). take good care. Yes, more yoga is good : )

LobotoME said...

thanks tracie - hope you enjoy your new yoga dvd!

kirwin!!! welcome back to blogland! denise + i were wondering where you went and if you were okay since your blog went silent... ;)

carbzilla - i know her style is a bit more girly than what i usually where too. i mean who am i kidding - i wear yoga pants & flip flops. i think that's why i liked it - it inspired me to dress more girlie yet still casual.

sheena - oh good lord - i am NOT racing - gravity play is my husbands business - we put on adventure races & mt. bike races. i used to race a bit (more triathlons) pre-kids.

6512 and growing said...

Is that really a room in your house? I want to sip some coffee at that table while the breeze trickles in that open door.
Happy spring!

LobotoME said...

no, i wish i had that room in my house! the link to the swedish home is in the post.