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So, a day late and a dollar short, but hey, maybe you can bookmark this post for next year, right?

For the record, we aren't big celebrate St. Patricks Day people. It's not our thing, its not our heritage, but I do always love a good reason to spread the green smoothie love around and brighten the kids day in unexpected ways.

Samme got to follow little shamrock shapes to a little green suitcase filled with green & healthy goodies (green office/school supplies, green slim, a one dollar bill, green apple, etc.) And of course I didn't take any pictures yesterday. Because that is how I am rolling this week.

- green pencils
- green notepad
- green pencil sharpener
- green stapler
- dollar bill
- green nail polish
- green slime
- green straws for green smoothies
- organic green apple
- garden seeds for green veggies (kale, spinach, pepper, chard, etc.)
- green balloons
- green paint
- green markers
- green journal

St. Patty's Day Meals served on green plates of course...
breakfast: green smoothies, green scrambled eggs, avocado slices
snacks: organic granny smith apple slices, kiwi slices, celery slices, green grapes, green pirate booty
dinner: spinach pizza & a big green salad (greens, green pepper, avocado, celery, cucumber) {Corned beef & cabbage is not my thing, to say the least.}
dessert: green homemade popsicles from leftover morning green smoothies

Anyway, I think my point is that you don't have to give your kids a bucket of green candy for St. Patrick's Day. Holidays can be just as fun without high fructose corn syrup. Just saying. ;)

As they say in Ireland, "Go mbeire muid beo aran am seo aris!"

May we all be alive and well, this time next year!

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Jeanette said...

Did you just put food coloring in the eggs? We had scrambled eggs yesterday and it didn't even occur to me to dye them - shucks. My husband would have loved that! We ARE of Irish descent and you did a much better job of being "green" then we did.