{ drink ME }

Due to popular request, a LobotoME Mantra Sigg Water Bottle is now available via Cafe Press. Drink more water and donate to water projects around the world...I'm donating 100% of proceeds go to Charity Water. Get yours here today! (ps - It prints & ships directly from Cafe Press).

ps - blogging will be a little light this week as I catch up from last week's sickness induced hiatus of all things (cooking, cleaning, exercising, etc.) and get back on track and caught up! Have a great week! It's almost spring!!!


Wilcox Family said...

I see that your are feeding my addiction to anything LobotoME. :) LOL - I love it!!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Very cute!

Meg said...

I'm actually thinking about buying a SIGG bottle -- so maybe mine will be the one with LobotoME mantra :)

tracie said...

super love it!!!!! and love that you're donating the profits ... LOVE!!

glad you're feeling better too! ;)

amy and ann said...

me too. I havent been online in a week! yikes, it was great. I was soooo sick. kids too. now leaving town for ten day too! yippeeee. miss everyones posts. fu catch up tonight! XO enjoy your time away from the computer...its GOOD to do ya know! amy