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One of the things that has been on my never-ending to do list forever is to have car & home emergency kits. I am generally not one to lose sleep over things such as a pandemic or other global crisis since they are out of my control but I would like to be a bit better prepared. Ya know in case the world does start to come to an end? Or in case the mother of all snow storms knocks out power to our lovely abode for days on end. My darling dad gave me a great car emergency kit for Christmas for all of our road trips & travel - with space blankets, crank cell phone charger, water, space blankets, one of those uber cool tools that breaks glass or cuts seatbelts off, etc. So I'm good there, thanks to him.

But now onto the home emergency kit. I know various people will recommend having a 3-6 month emergency supply of food, water, firewood, etc. But seriously if "S&%#" is that bad then we've got more problems than that to worry about. So, I'm aiming for a 30 day supply of food, water, firewood, etc. I started a list here of all of the things to gather and am going to set about getting the rest of them this week. It may involve me having to go to Walmart. ugh. But I bet I can find a lot of the stuff here and at the thrift store. I am thinking that to save myself some sanity I will just order up one of these 30 day emergency food supply kits (that last for 20+ years) from here. This site also offers up what looks to be everything you need to survive an apocalypse.

ps - And before you all think I've lost my mind, even the uber-cool Design Sponge recently did a post on a winter survival planning + supplies. ;)

What about all of you? Ready or not?


paula said...

great idea! our winters aren't bad enough here, but I do need to make a better medical supply in case of emergency's. Like the other day KJ touched the hot stove and I did not have a thing so I had to run out to get what I needed, ugh, bad mom.

amy said...

I always have an emergency kit in the car...it's just my personality! Ha ha. I forgot it was there, thanks for the reminder. I need to re-fill my bandades, thats all we use regularly. amy