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Discovered this lovely quote from Mother Teresa on Clover Lane's blog and wanted to share....

"Start by making your own home a place where happiness and love abound, through your love for each member of your family and for your neighbor. Try to put in the hearts of your children a love for home. Make them long to be with their families. So much sin could be avoided if our people really love their homes."

A few other things that are inspiring me lately....

How about a purge for Lent? 40 bags in 40 days Challenge.

43 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life
on Zen Habits

Jamie Oliver's TED Award for his plan to overhaul School Lunch Food.

Tracie's suggestion that this book is a MUST read. Looking forward to reading it.

Overcoming the Guilt of Under-scheduling Our Kids post on Zen Family Habits.

Sara's Simplify Saturday routine with her family.

Loving Suze Orman's response to the age old question of kids allowances from Scholastic's Parent & Child here - excerpt: "They live in the house and there are certain things that should be expected of them depending on their age. They need to do these things regardless—they don’t get paid to live in your house. They get the privilege of living there."

Loving this post on Daily Worth about doing just one dumb money chore. Cross it off your list.

mantra poster available here.


karen said...

Loving this whole thing. I clicked on all of the links & have to thank you for rounding up things that will inspire all of us today. #5 on Zen Habits - a meal plan? I have gotten out of this habit, much to the chagrin of my husband. So, I am off to your website to purchase Feed Me. p.s. Shaun White is your neighbor (kind of!)? You lucky lucky girl! You must be in a beautiful spot!

Stephanie said...

Loved that Suze Orman link...she addresses some issues I've been thinking about lately. Thanks Jenny!

paula said...

love that quote. now to check out all the links:)