{ family fun - Olympics week }

We love the Olympics! This week (and next) we are going to watch some of the competitions, make streamers, olympic torches, and other Olympic themed crafts, lessons, have a family Olympics competition, go skiing, go iceskating, read books about the Olympics, watch some Olympic themed movies and more! Here is a link to some great family olympic celebration crafts and printables.


amy said...

how ARE you doing? I am failing in a BAD way! I was so sick which through me off and now selling house and its just a hard time! I feel so bad...I need to get back into what I was doing. I need inspiration. I hope you are doing well... it is hard, eh? amy

PS~Erin said...

We are loving it too! Just watched the couples' free skate a day late with my daughter. It's so fun to see her get hyped up and and start "skating" around the family room. I just love hearing the national anthems during the medal ceremonies. So emotional. Looking forward to checking out your links.

Tina said...

Love the Olympics. We watch as a family too...esp the winter olympics. Our 15 year old is a sponsored snowboarder so she esp loves it.