{ new year, new you - simplify }

One of main resolutions this year is to simplify my home, my life and the way I work and live...Simple Family Living is my new motto. Over the past few weeks I've wrapped up some projects that have been hanging around, cleaned out several cabinets and closets and made lots of lists. I've said no to some commitments and projects and have felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. It feels good to pare down and get rid of things I don’t need and don't want to do and to clear away some piles that were hanging around. I know you can all relate. {Less is more.}

It's hard to believe mid-February is upon us...it's a good time to check in with your new years resolutions &/or goals...how are they going? Have you been able to take any steps forward towards living the life you want, or do you feel a bit stalled? Take a deep breath and do one thing today that helps you work towards one of them...take our your weekly planner and schedule in some time each day for self care, for exercise, for healthy meal planning and preparing and for working towards your big goals. Clean out one drawer if your goal is to de-clutter. Try a new workout class if your goal is to tone up or lose a few pounds. Get up 1/2 an hour earlier tomorrow to have time to write if your goal is to write more.

How are my resolutions coming along? I've actually been doing really well...considering it is the yucky middle of winter and I am craving spring and more sunshine...I've been waking up early and having some time to stretch, meditate, breathe, drink tea and read blogs before the kids are awake. This quiet time in the morning has been amazing. I've also had the time and energy to exercise almost every day (mostly at the gym as I am not much of a cold weather runner) and feeling really healthy {knock on wood.}

One of the areas I really wanted to focus on this year was better financial management - sticking to our spending plan; making more $ and spending less...we've been doing well with this and I think we are on track to meet our financial goals this year. Joslyn's Spending Hiatus support group has been a kick! The free PR in Shape Magazine certainly hasn't HURT sales! ;-)

I've been on a cleaning, decluttering and nesting mission this winter...with the new bebe and the cold weather keeping us more home bound than other times of the year, I've been getting a lot done around the house.

Let me know how your resolutions are coming along...and have a great week!

{ ps. today is International Read in the Bathtub Day! No joke. Kick back tonight in the bath tub with a new magazine! }

{ pps. my blogging will be light this week, as we've got a lot going on... but feel free to follow ME on twitter for random thoughts oozing out of my brain! Speaking of blogging, this is my 701 th post...who would have thought I'd have that much to blog about?!! Thanks for reading! }

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