{ 2009 Resolutions + Aspirations }

{ ME }
:: Rise early in the morning for daily meditation & yoga practice. [5:30AM]
:: Exercise daily. Healthy heart = healthy mind.
:: Less work + more play. [only work 3 days per week while Sam is in preschool - everything else will have to wait.]
:: Practice Spanish. [forget itunes in the car, listen to my spanish CD's everyday.]

{ Family }
:: Simple Family Living...slow down, savor more moments & spend quality time together.
:: Record our life in our daily journal. [just a few thoughts a day on our days.]
:: Plan a summer family raft trip and winter trip to Dominican Republic.
:: Weekly dates & more time alone with Will.
:: Plan and prepare healthy meals daily. [no excuses for not feeding our bodies with good food.]

{ Home }
:: Plan and care for a great vegetable garden and plant more fruit trees.
:: Landscaping projects [pond, trees, wildflowers, etc.]
:: Plan for emergencies - create emergency kits for home & cars.
:: Continue to declutter and simplify the rooms in our home. [Less is more.]

{ Financial }
:: Be debt-free (except mortgage) by end of 2009. [pay off school + car loans.]
:: Stick to monthly spending plan.
:: Save $ for awesome month of travel in November.

{ Business }
:: Successful event production season.
:: Successful launch of new kayak company.
:: Launch iphone apps for LobotoME pads.
:: Increase # of stores carrying the LobotoME line.


Anonymous said...

I like how you divided your resolutions into categories. I think it is going to be a great year!

Katy, Planet Perspectives said...

I like your resolutions. I only wrote 6 big ones on my blog, but I think most of your goals are also mine!

Anonymous said...

Categories is a great idea to organize your resolutions. I like all our yours- it looks like you are set up for a great year!

Misty said...

Thanks for making my resoluton board for me! :) Yours could be mine! I love your site and would love to plug this post and site on http://www.myinspirationlounge.com

Cheers! Misty