{ our february }

We are in the midst of a winter wonderland in the mountains of Colorado. This is a cozy time of year and my family is content to be home-bound and cuddled up by the fire at night. We all go to bed earlier as the winter days take away our sunshine earlier. Just when the quietness of winter has settled in, February comes along with a celebration of love, all in the name of St. Valentine. From as far back as the Middle Ages, February 14 has been the special day to express love to those around you. Today, Samme & I are making valentines cards for all of her classmates and teachers, modeled after the above Martha Stewart idea discovered via Black*Eiffel. I love the idea {below} too for the matchbook valentines via Inchmark! We'll be eating plenty of heart shaped pancakes and sporting red & pink colored clothes this week too. {And Will & I are taking time to reconnect at the end of the week with a couples massage and date night. Woohoo!}

Here's hoping you all hear as many times as possible this week, 'Will you be my valentine?'

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