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Been inspired to pare down our stuff yet again - I don't know where it ALL comes from! Looks like some of you are on a mission too (here and here). I've been going through each of our rooms this week (one at a time) and cleaning and decluttering them. I've been gathering stuff to donate (an entire truck load), sell and just chuck/recycle. I still have a ways to go but it feels so good to do this!

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Anonymous said...

seems like this is something i conspire to do a few times a year. the start of a new year is always one of those times. i sort through my yarn to decide what projects exactly i'll make, and get rid of the rest. i go through my scrapbook stuff (doing that now, actually!) and make a few pages, pare down what i've got to what i actually use.

it's such a good feeling to look around when you've pared down a bit, and know that you've gotten more "essential" with yourself. having too much keeps us from seeing clearly.